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Leading psychiatrists are calling for a hierarchy of rights for people with 'mental disorders'. In this blog post, MDAC's Executive Director argues that their views offend well-established notions of human rights. The is the first in a three-part series, based on a chapter in a new book which discusses torture in healthcare settings. »
The European Commission has refused MDAC’s call to investigate the misuse of EU funds to segregate people with mental disabilities in Hungary. As the European Parliament has stated that it ‘deplores’ segregation in institutions, MDAC is turning to political channels to prevent EU taxpayers’ money being used to violate the human rights of people with mental disabilities. »
MDAC has received a response from Luxembourg’s Minister for Family Affairs and Integration, Corinne Cahen. Ms Cahen supports MDAC’s position that several fancy dress costumes sold by Amazon are deeply offensive to people with mental health issues. Ms Cahen has written to Amazon urging them to remove the offensive items from sale. »
View the latest blog post from our Executive Director. With the European Commission’s blessing and funding, the Hungarian Government is steaming ahead with plans to segregate people with disabilities from large institutions into smaller ones. These are what they call “group homes” (institutions with 8 to 12 beds) and “living centres” (institutions of up to 25 beds). The new institutions, by their very definition, will continue to segregate people from the community. Segregation is a violation of international law. It breeds societal anger, frustration and resentment. It entrenches the very prejudices from which disability rights emerged to eradicate. Enough is enough. »


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