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Last week the UN Human Rights Council passed a resolution reaffirming that children must be guaranteed access to justice when their rights are violated. MDAC welcomes the resolution and is currently working on a major project on Access to Justice for Children with Mental Disabilities in Europe. »
This Sunday, over 55,000 Hungarian citizens living in Hungary will not be allowed to choose their leaders at the national elections. They’re not criminals, they’re not migrants and they’re not children. It is like not counting the votes of the entire population of Szombathely. »
This morning in Nairobi, MDAC launched a major in-depth study on disability and decision-making in Kenya, the first report in Africa which brings out the voices of people with disabilities themselves. »

MDAC Releases Major Report on Right to Legal Capacity

In early April 2014 MDAC released "The Right to Legal Capacity in Kenya”. The report highlights the voices of people with mental disabilities themselves for the first time, outlining the need for substantial legal and social reform, and provides comprehensive recommendations to bring Kenya in line with international law, and specifically right to legal capacity guaranteed by Article 12 of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD).



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