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Autonomy Summer School 2014

21 Aug 2014 - 09:00
University of Essex

3rd European Conference on Mental Health

10 Sep 2014 - 09:00
Tallinn, Estonia


Statement following the death of 37 residents of a psychiatric institution in Luka village, Russia, yesterday. "Russia must take urgent action to prevent such terrible loss of life in these gulag-type institutions,” said Oliver Lewis, Executive Director of MDAC. »
Eighteen months after his victory at the European Court, MDAC is representing Rusi Stanev to challenge the Bulgarian judiciary to restore his legal capacity and achieve true independence. »
OliverTalks - Our Executive Director explains how the Romanian government is attempting to avoid accountability for the death of Valentin Câmpeanu in a psychiatric institution. »
4 September 2013, London and Budapest. MDAC has today made a submission to the UK House of Lords which is in the process of scrutinising the Mental Capacity Act (MCA). This legislation, which applies to England and Wales, regulates the way in which people with disabilities can make decisions in their lives when they have been deemed ‘incompetent’ by the courts. »


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