Coming Up

Supreme Court decision on deprivation of liberty - Seminar

28 Apr 2014 - 09:30
Doughty Street Chambers, London

3rd European Conference on Mental Health

10 Sep 2014 - 09:00
Tallinn, Estonia


This blog post is co-written with Michael Bach. We presented ideas on how Northern Ireland needs to rethink the approach to legal capacity in March, at a conference organised by Mencap Northern Ireland and the Northern Irish Association for Mental Health. »
MDAC continued its advocacy calling for all closed institutions to be opened to independent monitoring inspections at a recent conference of the Oganization for Security and Cooperation in Europe. Pointing out that people with disabilities are also deprived of their liberty in psychiatric and social care institutions. »
Al Jazeera's documentary 'Europe's Hidden Shame' documents that 30,000 people with disabilities are still warehoused in Romanian institutions, in breach of international law. It’s a scandal that their segregation and abuse is being funded by the European Commission. MDAC calls for compensation and reparation for the victims. »

This is the last in my blog trio about Butabika hospital, Uganda’s premier psychiatric facility, which I visited last Thursday (3 April 2014). The first blog post focused on lawlessness and the second on women. This blog post focuses on clinical practice and human rights.



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