19 December 2011. On Saturday the Venice Commission (an influential group of constitutional law experts) amended one of its key documents. In doing so it reversed an anomaly which allowed countries to exclude people with “genuine mental disabilities” from the ballot box.

13 -14 December 2011, the Mental Disability Advocacy Center is in the Lithuanian capital this week, holding two trainings for local NGOs including disabled people’s organisations and Ombudsman officials.  

On 29-30 November MDAC was on mission in Ireland. Its Executive Director met with the Justice Committee of the Dáil Éireann, and met with a Minister of State and civil servants at the Ministry of Justice. The following day MDAC participated in a high-level seminar on legal capacity law reform organised by Amnesty International Ireland. Read more...

1 December 2011, Budapest (Hungary). MDAC welcomes a UN publication, out today, which highlights stark differences in the levels of commitment by European governments towards their obligations under the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD).

17 November 2011. MDAC congratulates Europe’s top political body which today adopted new standards which advance the right to political participation of people with disabilities.

11 November 2011, Geneva. MDAC participated at the Global Forum on the OPCAT (Optional Protocol to the UN Convention against Torture) organized by the Association for Prevention of Torture. The theme of the two-day Forum was ‘Preventing Torture, Upholding Dignity: from Pledges to Actions’.

4 November 2011, Strasbourg –  MDAC co-organised and hosted a roundtable discussion on ‘Evolving Standards in Preventing Torture and Ill-treatment against Persons with Disabilities’. The seminar brought together key high-level stakeholders at the intersection of torture and ill-treatment prevention and disability.

28 October, Zagreb, Croatia. Last week MDAC, in partnership with The Association for Social Affirmation of People with Mental Disabilities (SHINE), launched the publication “Out of Sight: Human Rights in Psychiatric Hospitals and Social Care Institutions in Croatia”. 


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