Ten years after the adoption of the Optional Protocol to the Convention against Torture, MDAC and leading international human rights organisations call on governments to strengthen efforts to tackle torture and ill-treatment globally. But how does OPCAT actually help fight against these human rights abuses?
Serbia must take urgent steps after death in locked isolation room in Veternik social care institution.
Two UN Committees find that progress on protecting the rights of people with disabilities has been "unclear and too slow", calling for action on inclusive education, institutionalisation and guardianship.
MDAC seeks case referrals in attempt to the end the abuse/ill-treatment of people with mental disabilities.

If you watch this 4-minute segment on Sky News, you will see Vitaliy and Natalia Kocherov and their incredibly cute daughter Anna. They are our clients. 

A Bulgarian man with an intellectual disability pursues justice at European Court after being a victim of Bulgaria’s institutionalisation system for 28 years.
The UN says it's time for the Zambian government to end abuse against people with disabilities. Join us in helping local activists to do this.
The Romanian government should make sure that no child with disabilities is left out of education.
MDAC launches a resource page on the right to live independently and be included in the community (Article 19 of the CRPD). The page provides information on events and conferences, as well as links to a wide variety of relevant reports.
People with psychosocial disabilities in Uganda are here in Geneva. We spoke to others last week in Uganda and they appear on our video. They speak with one voice: END THE ABUSE!


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