Stop cage beds

In 2003 MDAC carried out research in four countries on their use of cage beds. Cage beds are a barbaric means of confinement and restraint for adults and children used within many mental health and social institutions. The countries researched were the Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia and Slovenia. All used these ‘beds’. Click here for our Cage Beds Report.

We presented the research findings to the European Parliament in 2004. Since then Hungary has banned their use in all institutions, Slovakia has banned their use in social care institutions, and very few, if any, are still used in Slovenia. The Czech Republic too has banned their use in social care homes (they are still however occasionally used) but can still be used legally in psychiatric institutions.

Domestic and international pressure has clearly had a positive impact on reducing reliance on this abusive form of confinement and restraint. Such pressure must continue however until all use of cage beds, in all institutions, and in all countries is ended. Until then each country using them will be violating numerous human rights and specifically the standards of the European Committee for the Prevention of Torture.

Together it is possible to end this unacceptable practice. Please join us in doing so.

How you can participate:

It is important to raise awareness of the use of cage beds. This in itself is a powerful way of putting pressure on governments to end the practice. So please talk about it to as many people as you can.

Our campaigns rely on credible information on the human rights situation of people with intellectual or mental health disabilities. If you have experienced the use of cage beds, as a patient or staff member of an institution, and would like to tell us about your experiences or those of someone else, we would welcome your comments.

Governments are increasingly having to listen and act upon the views of civil society. Make your view known, demand that governments act: write to governments that still allow the use of cage beds and demand that they take steps to stop the practice. 

Alternatively you can donate to MDAC to assist us further this and our other campaigns.

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